New Mission Record A Demo & Up-to-date Mission Achievements

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Hello friends.

This evening, I reached Rising Star Game level 40 and completed a total of 672 Missions.
I passed Six days from Level 35 to level 40.
Now that I have reached level 40, I can start a new mission.
The new mission I started this evening is Record A Demo.


Fans 900, Level 40, Duration time 200 minutes and 100% Energy are required to complete this mission.
Upon completion of the mission, I will receive Reward Starbits 400 to 1644 and Level XP 132 and ego 6 will be increased.

The following table lists the total missions completed up to date.

Illegal Busking105
Open Mic Night30
Mid Week Support32
Licensed Busking14
Midweek Headline Slot12
Saturday Support17
Saturday Headline29
Radio Interview171
Radio Studio Session10
Shopping Mall Performance31
Record A Demo1
Guitar Fair8
Production Fair17
Drum Fair26
GIFT Charity Gig1
Basic Singing Lesson15
Guitar Lesson26
Production Lesson71
Piano lesson55

How are you doing?

Thank you for everything.

Tin Aung Soe


Your progress is coming along nicely! If you have extra starbits, start buying petrol cans. You will need them later. I am level 330. That's high enough to complete the next 3 missions but I can't because I lack the fans!

Here, have a discarded !pizza to refill your energy.

Level အသစ် Mission အသစ်


အသစ်အသစ် ချီတတ်နေပြီလေ

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Thank you.

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မြန်တာ level 40 ရောက်လို့ mission အသစ်တောင် ကစားနေပြီ

ဘရိုက ပိုမြန်ပါတယ် ၃၉ ရောက်ပြီဆိုတော့

ငင့် Luck ကများကြီးပဲနော် မနာလိုတယ် 😅။
ဘီလီယံနာကြီးဖြစ်သွားရင် မမေ့ကြေး !PIZZA

Skill ရတဲ့ music Lessons က lvl အတက်မြန်တယ်လေ

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you

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