Refer EOS Users to Vote for Reward Proxies & Earn 50% of GenPool Revenue as Referral Rewards Daily

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For the first time in this year, I found some time today to log into my EOS accounts and check what's going on there 😀. Actually, I don't have any significant investment left in my EOS accounts. So I never bothered to check the system of REX lending or even about sharing of BP rewards for voting.

But today I tried to check on it a little. I found it's very simple & easy to get whatever little rewards that can be earned by holding and staking even a small amount of EOS in your wallet.

Rewards for voting a Proxy

Block Producer GenerEOS has devised a very user-friendly plateform for voting to a reward proxy. Just go to* website, login with your account and vote for a proxy of your choice.

You can also see the stats like %age of BP rewards shared by a proxy, its own fee (if any) and current APR on your investment (excluding REX earnings).

After voting for a proxy, you don't need to do anything else to receive your rewards. Rewards will be credited to your wallet automatically on a daily basis.

I just voted to 2 different proxies (from my 2 accounts), with APR as low as 1.7% to over 3%. Just wanted t see the difference in the rewards though I don't expect much anyway. :)

Referral Rewards

More over, you are also rewarded 50% of the GenPool platform fee as a referral fee, if you get more users or wallets to vote for proxies through this platform (the way I'm doing here 😉).

GenPool charges 2% as its platform fee to host and offer this service for Proxies & BPs. For generating your referral fee, just click on the "Referral" tab and copy your referral link from the pop up.

Here's my referral link:

Every friend you refer with your unique referral URL earns you 50% of our platform fee

For complete details, check their official announcement here.

*Referral link

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That’s legit I didn’t know they had referrals for proxies. I just started using my eos account more as well now. The anchor app has made things a lot easier. But yeah there’s actually some pretty good staking opportunities on there.

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Until today, I too was unaware of referrals and rewards for proxies. I was voting to a proxy for 2 years without any reward! Actually, I didn't want to get involve in their governance and system too much; and that was the reason I had opted for a proxy instead.

In crypto, we need to keep an eye for all updates about all the coins we are into ...and it's not easy for me at least. So I need to limit my exposure to only a few coins.

Hello there @xyzashu,

Nice post and thank you for the information. I used to be a big EOS Fan but unfortunately, the project did not go into the direction I was expecting.

Could you come to our discord:

I would love to have a chat with you.

Thank you :D