The Airdrops Nobody is Talking About (But Every UNI Holder Got it)

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Well, no one is talking about these airdrops. Perhaps, it's because of 2 reasons:

  1. Not everyone is aware that they got these airdrops
  2. The airdrops are only symbolic as they are of very low value.
    But still free money is free money :)

Okay, I wanted to talk about this very interesting multi-chain, lowest-fee AMM project based on Fusion chain. It's called AnySwap. Anyswap makes it possible to swap any coin from any blockchain (which uses ECDSA or EdDSA as signature algorithm). Oh, don't bother about whatever these ECDSA or EdDSA terms mean (because I don't know 😉) but it includes all coins on chains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, Fusion, Litecoin, Ripple, USDT etc.

The important point to note is that this is not merely a concept or some under-development product but the project is already live. 10 days back, it went live for Binance Smart Chain too and included over a dozen coins from BSC chain.

Using Anyswap is very easy as you don't need to install any new wallet. It was fairly simple to connect my Metamask wallet to Fusion Netowrk as well as BNB Mainnet. I just needed to add the Network & custom RPC details in my Metamask and that was it!

On all other AMMs, only Liquidity Providers are incentivised but we all know that LPs can't earn any swap fee if there are no traders. Anyswap has adopted a different model to incentivise its useres. It provides rewards to both LPs as well as users of its Exchange.

There was special incentive for liquidity providers for BSC Anyswap during the first 10 days but it already ended today. I was thinking to buy some ANY coins during the recent dip but it didn't went below $0.75 and extra ANY rewards were almost going to be finished at that time. So I didn't particpate in it.

But to spread awareness about their project, they airdropped ANY coins to all addresses that received Uniswap's UNI airdrop.

To all UNI airdrop receipient addresses, they have airdropped following coins:

  1. ANY (One each) and
  2. ANY-BEP2 (One each)

To access your airdrop, you will need to go here for Anyswap ANY and here for ANY-BEP2 on Binance Smart Chain.

You may also like to check the official airdrop announcement here.

It's only a couple of dollars right now but it's fun. Isn't it?

So, do you or would you like to use AnySwap?


How do i know if its safe to connect any.swap to metamask?

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Well, that's a very good question. Frankly, I never gave it a thought! Generally, I consider Metamask as safe to connect as my private keys are saved in encrypted format and never leaves the browser. It's better to use Metamask with browsers like Brave and using it with only a single tab opened (whenever signed in).

But since you asked about connecting to any swap website, we do need to trust on that website and the smart contracts it use. If you don't know how to read smart contracts, it should be safe to trust a smart contract that was audited by some reputed firms.

But yes, it's not advisable to keep a huge fund on your Metamask in any case.

Maybe I am too tired, can you explain a little more on how to claim this airdrop?

No need to claim it. If you were eligible for it you already got it in your wallet.

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