Share my battle for Earth Quest.

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Hello to all Splinterlands game players. I think the Splinterlands game will be played regularly. I have completed my daily quest for today. Daily quest has not been played for 2 days. Today I finished my earth quest. I played up to 15 matches to complete the Earth quest.


The Summoner used for Earth Quest is OBSIDIAN and costs 4 MANAs. Ability allows a magic monster to receive one magic attack. Below I share my battle video link and battle photos.


At the end of the contest, the rewards chest was opened and a POTIONS was awarded. Received POTION is LEGENDARY POTION. You want cards, but getting a potion is not a bad thing at all.








Earth Quest


Mycelic is a brutal tank the only weakness it has is that is slow as a snail.

Khmer Princess is not one of my favourite cards. Just one of Health and Slow too.

Correct? I don't know too much about these cards and their ability. Just line up random.

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Gaming post တွေပဲ ရေးတင်နေနိုင်ပါတယ်။ အခြား creations တွေမလုပ်နိုင်သေးလို့ပါ။

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ဒီနေ့ Legendary potion ရတာပေါ့ !LOLZ

Why don't eggs tell jokes?
They'd crack each other up.

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ဟုတ်တယ် POTIONS လေးရတာပဲ မဆိုးပါဘူးဗျာ။

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nice battle
ကြိုးစားထား ညီရေ

My daughter thinks I don't give her enough privacy.
At least that's what she wrote in her diary.

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Yay! 🤗
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