RABONA Season - #63 In Game Activities and Matches Reviews#1

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Hello! Football lovers...

Do you know this Football game?

If yes how about your team?

Season - 62 is ended. I got 0.7 Hive
as a seasonal reward. Season 63
is completed 21. Aung San FC won
-2 lose draw-1 and standing at
16 place with 7 pts. I think my team
Aung San must be relegated to league - 2.



Match Review with GO PRO (AS 0-1 GP)

In this match, both Aung San FC
and Go Pro competed in a 4-3-3 formation. Go Pro scored only
1 win goal in the 67 minute.


Match Review with Led Zeppelin (LZ 2-0 AS)

In this match, Led Zeppelin FC
competed in a 4-2-3-1 formation.
And Aung San FC competed in a
4-3-3 formation. Led Zeppelin
scored the early goal in the first
minute. And at the second half Led
Zeppelin scored the second goal
and they won the result of 2-0.


Top scorers of the season

There have the list of Top scorers
of the season. But I do not know
how to give the prize for Top


Regional: 336035
National: 2542867
International: 30633617
Total: 33542519


Fans is important for your income.
There are two types of income: Home and Away income. Home
income include tickets selling.
Away not include tickets selling but
you still get income by Shirt and
Scarf selling. So Fans is important
for your income.

Aung San has 27 players include
Freezed 9 players #Nft
Total salary is 443471 RBN. I will
do my best to get my team up in
this Season - 64.

I will come back with my best

Do you know this Football game?

This is a Blockchain Game base on
Hive Platform. You can play this
game with your hive account.

Build your team and earn reward

If you new and want to play this game please Click Here to know more about this game.

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