My daily in Rising Star #12

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Hello Rising friends!.
Hello Blockchain gamers!


Today I have been playing my Rising Star Game for 30 days. I played every day and tried to get more levels.


I have to play every day and I have difficulties. The main problem is that : run out of energy while playing and stop playing. This day I have one lucky chance: that is some pizza reward was got.
So I do my missions more steps.

Another problem, that it is difficult to reduce the Ego%.
Today I resolve my Ego% problem by making some singing lessons. Yes it is work, a little ego are down. And my skill grow normally.


Although some problems can be overcome by replenishing energy with lace, but Starbits still do not have enough to buy pizza.

So I'm still working on the Rising Star mission when the energy comes back.


The missions I completed up to date are:

1.Illegal Busking325
2.Open Mic Night135
3.Mid Week Support35
4.Licensed Busking10
5.Midweek Headline Slot5
6.GIFT Charity Gig1
7.Basic Singing Lesson19
8.Guitar Lesson19
**Total Missions549


The harder it is to get to the next level, the better. It's exciting to get through that music.

So I want to do more missions. No matter what the challenges, RisingStar's music and missions are fun to perform.

As I go through Rising Star's fun missions,

what I got for today is:

  • Fans 196
  • Luck 81
  • Total skill 545
  • IM 2
  • And also got Ego 11

I hope to be able to buy new cards in the next week or so.
Now my in game Starbits are 10,600 exactly. Slow and growing.

I enjoy drifting through Rising Star's Music Missions every day.
Rising Star will continue to be my daily companion as I go through my happy times with Rising Star Music missions.

I hope you all like Rising Star too.
Well, let me stop here for a moment about my daily Rising Star.


Thank you for visiting to my post.
If you are interested in Rising Star Game and would like to enjoy more music with me, please contact me at my invitation link.

This is my invitation link>

Nice day, See you around.
Enjoy at Rising Star.




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