My Daily In Rising Star at level 37 | #56

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Hello Rising Star friends!.


This post is my 56th time of about Rising Star.
Today marks the 778 days of my Rising Star game. That is over two month journey for my Rising Star.
During the past two months, I enjoyed doing daily Rising Star missions.



In the pass of five days, I still in this Level 37.
I tried to do missions on a regular basis every days.
So today I am doing on going music missions at my level 37.
Now, I have been at Level 37 for 6 days journey. After then-
Today, I hope to do more missions in this level and I would attend at next level 38 on coming days.
Tomorrow I will definitely reach 38 new fields. Because I only need a little XP for this new level.


In this day , I am doing most of missions.
These are such as- Radio Interview, Illegal Busking, Mid Week Support Slot and more...



The missions I completed up to date are:

1.Illegal Busking405
2.Open Mic Night195
3.Mid Week Support64
4.Licensed Busking19
5.Midweek Headline Slot15
6.Saturday Support12
7.Saturday Headline45
8.Radio Interview55
9.Radio Studio Session18
8.GIFT Charity Gig4
9.Basic Singing Lesson61
10.Guitar Lesson33
**Total Missions926
  • It is totally 926 missions done. I was pass the target to reach at 900 missions , my new target is to complete 1000 total missions. But, I need to do more missions for my target total missions.


As I go through Rising Star's fun missions,

what I got for today is:

  • Fans 651
  • Luck 135
  • Total skill 1684
  • IM 9
  • And also got Ego 14%

I have now 23 cards in Rising Star.
In the coming days, I want to buy more Card Packs for to grow my fans and skills.

The harder it is to get to the next level, The better.

It's exciting to go through these music lessons.
It's one of Rising Star's attractions.

So I want to do more missions. No matter what the challenges, Rising Star's music and missions are fun to perform.


I enjoy drifting through Rising Star's Music Missions every day.

Rising Star will continue to be my daily companion as I go through my happy times with Rising Star Music missions.

I hope you all like Rising Star too.

Well, let me stop here for a moment about my daily Rising Star.


Thank you for visiting to my post.
If you are interested in Rising Star Game and would like to enjoy more music with me, please contact me at my invitation link.

This is my invitation link> my invite link


Nice day!
The images from this post are collect from Rising Star game sources.
Thanks You Rising Star
Enjoy at Rising Star.





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