🎼My Rising Star game🎸Day 49: replacing my instrument luck

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Dear friends,

Today is the 49th day of playing Rising Star game and I found myself at level 56. In this morning, I found that my temporary drunk fans have surged to 1765, which was nice because it said I could earn more starbits per mission (fig 1). On the other hand, the excess fan could contribute to the rise in Ego and my Ego level %. It says that the rise in fan no is due to theno of my Luck (fig 2), and I decided to to reduce my luck a little by selling the instruments which do not belong to guitar group. And to compensate the reduction in Luck, I bought two guitars (fig 3) because I specialized in guitar in music lesson. By doing that, I found my luck reduce by 232 but the skill reward from my guitar lesson has increase from 75 to 85 max.


fig (1)


fig (2)



fig (3)

In this morning, I found Rising Star status to be as follow.


Total no of fans6700 (from cards - 4935)
Base Ego (without temporary fans)714939
no of cards owned96-12
Ego Level0

Yesterday, I have accomplished 1061 ( 21↑) missions and the breakdown are as follow. ↑shows the no of missions performed.

Illegal Busking115
Open Mic Night861
Mid Week Support Slot2726
Licensed Busking25
Midweek Headline Slot104
Saturday Support29
Saturday Headline23
Radio Interview13
Radio Studio Session10
Shopping Mall Performance98
Record a Demo17
Local Festival Acoustic Tent171
Local Mini Tour Support41
Promote Fan Club605
Record Signing2
STARBITS Millionaire131
Basic Singing Lesson5
Guitar Lesson1674

Rising Star game is the coolest and fun game that I have played so far. If you want to play this game, please follow my referral link below:



There is a FAQ page on how to play this game on the Rising Star page and many other posts and YouTube videos as well.

Thank you for your support.



Image source : https://www.risingstargame.com/

23rd June 2022


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music lesson ပိုင်းက တစ်ခုခု ကို အထူးပြုရတာလား။

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Ten- tickles

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