My Day-77 of Rising Star Game...!

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Good evening to all members
on Blockchain Gaming Community!

This is my trying post on this community and my activities of Rising Star Game.
So I called Day-77 of My Music time on Game.
It is so funny time and I love Rising Star Game.

Last night,I played Rising Star Game on level-49.
I did Home Town Mission and Music Lessons Mission.
I did all Missions by according the laws of each misson on game.
So I checked my account balances every time before doing a mission.

I played My Music Game this morning.
I can do more missions because I had 630 fans on my account.
I am so happy to play about it.

I did Basic Singing Lesson and Guitar lesson.

I did Radio Interview mission.
If you want to do Radio Interview, You had at least 400 fans and level-20.And also You needed to own "i6 Mid Range Acoustic" card before doing that mission.

I had two energy boosting cards.I used one energy card today.

I did also Mid Week Support Slot and Midweek Headline Slot mission.
I did a new mission today.It is Shopping Mall mission on Local Gig Circuit.
If you want to do Shopping Mall mission,You had at least 750 fans and level-30.
It takes 60 minutes to finish.

yesterday,My total missions are 881 missions.
The total missions are 890 when I took a screenshot in this evening.
So I finished 9 missions today.

Today is a lucky day for me because of reaching level-50 and getting Legendary card from buying.

Now I am playing and trying on game which are reaching in the photo of level-50.

You can see by clicking link address about my activities of Rising Star Game form Day -1to Day-60!

There are the result of my activities on Rising Star Game from Day-61 to Day-77.
(4)9IM(5)14cards(6)7052 starbits on level-44.

(4)9IM(5)15cards(6)1179 starbits on level-45.

(4)9IM(5)15cards(6)3185 starbits on level-45.

(4)9IM(5)15cards(6)5427 starbits on level-46.

(4)9IM(5)15cards(6)5825 starbits on level-46.

(4)9IM(5)15cards(6)6516 starbits on level-46.

(4)9IM(5)15cards(6)9248 starbits on level-47.

(4)9IM(5)15cards(6)11332 starbits on level-47.

(4)11IM(5)18cards(6)2147 starbits on level-47.

(4)11IM(5)18cards(6)3125 starbits on level-48.

(4)11IM(5)18cards(6)4063 starbits on level-48.

(4)11IM(5)18cards(6)4521 starbits on level-48.

(4)11IM(5)18cards(6)5282 starbits on level-49.

(4)11IM(5)18cards(6)6496 starbits on level-49.

(4)11IM(5)18cards(6)8112 starbits on level-49.

(4)11IM(5)18cards(6)9600 starbits on level-49.

(1)15863fans (2)236luck (3)19558 skill
(4)313 IM (5)21 cards (6)4354 starbits on level-50.

It is a funny blockchain game.
Now is starting a blockchain gaming age!
Everyone should join and try Rising Star game for future.
Playing with your precious times on Music game "Rising Star"!

Have a nice and funny day!

Thank you so much for reading my post.
Good luck!
13.1.2022 (20:30)pm


fun တွေများလှချည်လား ဘယ်လိုများ ဆော့ထားပါလိမ့်နော်။ !LOL

My doctor said he could help me stop dreaming of cows playing football
I asked him to wait till after finals.

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I threw a boomarang a few years ago that never came back.
I now live in constant fear.

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I used to be addicted to soap
but now I'm clean.

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I wasn’t originally going to get a brain transplant
but then I changed my mind.

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The person who invented autocorrect
should burn in hello.

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