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Hi Dear - SplinterMates,

For this week's Battle Share Contest Organised by the SplinterLands Team; details can be found @ Weekly Splinterlands Battle Share:: For this week challenge, we have WATER Element Monster who is named as SEA MONSTER; we will explore this Melee attack SEA MONSTER monster in our post today. I strongly feel that Winning or losing battles does not matter. What matters most is how a player is building upon his/her game strategy.


In this post, we will explore LIVE; this WATER Element Monster SEA MONSTER-; share my strategy around it and how I'm using this card i.e. its placing position on the battlefield and how often I use the card, and at what level it should work the best for you. At the end of the post, we will also be doing a Cost-Benefit Analysis of this Card SEA MONSTER

The high-level pointers that we are going to discuss are as follows::-

  • SEA MONSTER Monster card level discussion, stats, and how I am stack with the Water monster card SEA MONSTER
  • Gameplay & Strategy discussed in detailed
  • Battle Results & How Often I use this WATER element card SEA MONSTER
  • A Final Note to keep things simple; talking a bit around the cost-benefit analysis for this card. Simplicity is the one that is admired by most people & I'm one of them that likes to keep things clean, simple, and straightforward.

How Often I use this WATER element Monscard SEA MONSTER

Check the following image to know how many cards I've of this Water Element Melee attack Monster.


I have this SEA MONSTER* cared at level 9 for which you need to combine 352 of these cards. I purposefully didn't max this card out coz. the only extra thing that I would have got is extra health and for that, I need to shed/combine another 200 cards. From the cost benefits point of view, I thought it wouldn't be wise to max this card out just for extra health. Different players have a different perspective and a strategy but for me; I was happy to have this SEA MONSTER* card at level 9 and so far it has been doing good.

Now with respect to; How Often I use this card then my answer is that I use this card quite often. I really like its healing and the thorn ability, and with Melee damage of 5, it makes it a perfect card to have in your collection of cards.

Now that we know about the card and how I'm stacked up with it. Lets Battle As


Watch the Battle LIVE on my channel::

  • Gameplay & Strategy discussed in detail & the ROI of the Card

Splinterlands Your Battle Challenge 2.gif

Watch the LIVE Battle on

Cost-Benefit Analysis for SEA MONSTER Card


The Ideal level considering the cost-benefit ratio and the maximum utilization of the card. I think this card at level 6 should be the best FIT. To bring this SEA Monster card to level 6; you will need to combine 52 cards and 1 Card costs around $0.028. Hence You will need to shed close to $1.45+

$0.028 * 52 = $1.45 Approx.

Shedding close to $1.45+ for this SEA Monster card you should be able to explore both its abilities which are Self Healing & Thorn. I especially like the Self-healing cards at it gives your monster line-up to stand strong. Also if you look at the health of this card; which from the start is 8 which is pretty impressive and can go on to increase till 12 if you max this card out. Considering all the factors, my recommendation is to try this card out at level 6 and explore both the healing & thorn abilities, and then decided if you further want to level-up the card or not.

Battle Results; Did the Strategy Work Out::

Did my Strategy work, Did I WIN or Loose. Was it a wise decision to have this Sea Monster played at level 9 and not MAXing iT? Check & Explore in the VLOG.

In the Vlog I answer all the above questions; In a new way of LIVE Share Your Battle Challenge:: With the Water Monster Sea Monster | Live Battle & Strategy Discussed.

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Not my favourite card tbh, but useful sometimes!

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