Today completed quest in splinterlands game

in Splinterlands4 months ago

I am splinterlands blockchain game player.
I play splinterlands blockchain game daily.
Today is the 6 days of the Quest Potion purchase.
Today completed QUEST in splinterlands game .
I got reward for daily quest in splinterlands game.
I really want good cards. Not yet available.
When will it be available?
Every day you can complete quest and receive reward.

Here are some of the ones I found:



Alchemy Potion Charge -2
Legendary Potion Charge -1
Pelacor Deceiver -1 card
Pelacor Bandit -1 card
Pelacor Mercenary -1 card
Venari Seedsmith -1 card


Thank you very much @splinterlands for your daily quest and season end rewards

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Thank you

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