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Dear Friends,

I am Sao from Myanmar. Today, my mom, my sister and I went out for lunch. Covid lock-down period had ended so people were starting to meet eat out and meet one another. We do not know when will be another wave. Because of Covid, some of my friends, relatives and acquaintances had to give their lives. We had lived in gloomy home lock-down for long. And I think we should eat out and cheer ourselves up sometimes before another wave. So, we decided to eat out at a café call "café de angel". It serves not only coffee but also some other food and meal. We chose that place because it is a quiet place and not so crowded. Although the lock-down has released, we still need to take care of ourselves and avoid crowded areas.

I felt much condolences to some of my friends, relatives and acquaintances who passed away because of Covid. And at the same time, I came to realize I should value and showing love to the people around me. What Covid taught me is I could die any time and so could others. So, I felt deep in my heart that we love, cherish and help one another while we are alive. While we are going through hard time, only love can give us warmness, courage and energy. 2021 was a hard time for us because of Covid and the coup taken place in Feb. I had survived with what I had earned and saved. The Covid and coup crippled the country's economy.

I hope 2022 will bring a good change to my country. The people defense force (PDF) and the Myanmar people are trying to take down the military regime. The military regime had rooted in our countries since 1962. Because of the Feb coup, the Myanmar people hated the regime so much that they are determined to uproot the regime even if they have to face annihilation.

So, in the ongoing process, we had to be patient and I decided to show loving kindness, support, and love to the people around me and other people because we all need love and support during the time like this. Our family eating out time was an enjoyable time for us during which we were able to share planned and progresses of what we intended to do and gave frank opinions.

The following is the photos of the place we had lunch together. It is a recommended place for meeting friends and enjoy food when you visit my town. The atmosphere there is calm with soft music and the food are delicious. Let me stop here. Happy new year! And have a nice day!






5th Jan 2022


Nice family!
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