5Millions Challenge Fundraising Program And E-Lottery Of NUG/CRPH

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The Burmese Spring Revolution continues.
This week, the National Unity Government launched the E-Lottery under the name Aung Lan Lwin Chi Ngwe Oo Hte.
70% of the lottery proceeds will be paid to civil servants participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement and 30% will be awarded as lottery prizes.
It has been 3 days since the lottery was launched.
I am also trying to buy a lottery ticket online but have not been successful.
Although the e-lottery system is being sold, the full-time lottery website has not yet been launched due to efforts to prevent it from being harassed by the terrorist army.
But, the people of Burma are trying to get NUG government funding, so NUG's E-Lottery has been a success.


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Another is CRPH - OFP Fundraising Program, which is running a $ 5 Millions Challenge for Revolution as one-step to Belief.
The program is likely to raise funds for the NUG government's Ministry of Defense or People Defense Force (PDF).
You can visit this program at the following link.


I was able to contribute to this program. The following image is my Raffle Ticket.


Raffle Tickets from CRPH - OFP Fundraising Program will be given away as a raffle will be held for participants in the above program.

That's why I'm sharing this post so that you can help.

To find out more about the CRPH - OFP Fundraising Program, visit the following link on our Facebook page:


If you would like help, you can contact us at the following link for help.


Thank you all.



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