Three Tribes Powering Up to get more Rewards

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Hello Friends 😊
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Today, I performed some activities on HIVE Blockchain to get more Income Rewards.
These are three Tribes Powering Up.


When I staked CTP 286.443, there have over CTP POWER 1000 in my Hive-engine Token wallet.


When I did Powering Up over POB 397.9389, there have over POB POWER 615 in my wallet.


When I staked WAIV 100.0953 , now I have over WAIV POWER 1000.

This three Tribe Powers are received from Authoring and Curating.

The more we do Powering Up, the more we get Curation Rewards.
So, I use to stake Tribe Tokens often.

What is your opinion?

Thank for everything!

Tin Aung Soe


Power တွေ Up ပြီးရင်း Up တော့ တိုးပြီးရင်း တိုးပေါ့။

Up လေ တက်လေပေါ့

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Why was the painter sprinting down the street?
Because his paint was running.

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များလေ ကောင်းလေပဲ။

A man tried to sell me a coffin today.
I told him that's the last thing I need.

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