This is not just victory for El Salvador but for the whole cryptocurre ...

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This is not just victory for El Salvador but for the whole cryptocurrency community!

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I hope my country (Jordan) understand that.
it's really hard to withdraw or deposit to my crypto-wallets. and I lose a lot of money when using non-straight-forward methods to do such transactions.
congratulations Salvador

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Sorry to know about your case. I hope eventually your country will be flexible enough to adopt cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

Unfortunately, it's a very bad thing. since today in 2021 people of Jordan are believing that the best mean to buy Crypto is through buying USDT from Facebook groups (black-market) with 0 guarantee and 0 encryption and 0 proofs of owning these USDTs. or exchanged cryptos.
like any blockchain has never been there.
on the other hand most of the exchange platforms online such as coinbase, binance and others. does not verify our identities (KYC) . and I see that a bit dangerous if these whales decided to change their regulations regarding the unverified wallet holders. and locked their accounts.
I am doing my best to make them go hive. but they still don't understand how beautiful this blockchain is, how easy is it to be an hiver.
I hope that this kind of reality change soon.

Next we need Mexico and Venezuela Brazil Chile Ecuador all of Latin America will RISE with bitcoin as a new reverse domino effect with magnetic domino's that help support each others upliftment

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That is why this is monumental! If El Salvador can show to the world that this can really work, I believe more nations will follow suit.

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