Aglet #2 Move to earn - My steps / My Reward

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Hello move to earn lovers!

How are you today?

Today I would like to share you
about my steps todays and reward.

Aglet app is one of best walking
app. Aglet let you own digital
sneakers. There have many
sneakers reward for you. And the
reward are waiting for you to be

You can get reward by finishing
your steps goal in app. Different
steps goals different sneakers you
can get when you finished.

Today I finished 150000 steps of
my goal and I received Adidas
Sneaker. The Sneaker can allow you
to earn 560 Aglet tokens by finishing
1000 steps.(Aglet tokens can buy
Sneaker in game market now)


GCP 1.7
Durability 39
Class Tier 3 Purchased Price 7K
Reparis Remaining 2


Now I owned 108 sneakers. And I
collected 3 gold sneakers.


Walking 10000 steps

I asked myself how many steps do I
need to walk daily? I searched that
question on google. What I found
is 10000 steps suggestions. But If
you not used to in walking you
should start with 3000 steps. And
you reached 3000 after that you
you should try to reach 3500 and
4000 to7000.


Walking helps your health.

Thank you for reading the end

See you in my next Alget post

Post creator : @myanmarkoko
From : Myanmar
Name: KoKoMoeHein


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Nice info. I ll try it later

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Yay! 🤗
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