My Actifit Report Card: 5/15/22 - I Attended A Fraternity Orientation for Professionals and Businessmen

in Actifit2 months ago

Hello everyone. I had an exciting day today. I went to a Fraternity Orientation today for Professionals and Businessmen.

I was invited by a friend of mine to attend the orientation so we can become members of this Community Oriented and Service Driven Fraternity.

We had a nice meal after the orientation, so much for dieting 🤣. I will probably post a blog for this when we become full pledged members of the fraternity so watch out for that 😁

Anyways after our orientation and lunch. I walked to the nearest Jolibee to buy food for my family.

And after that I went home.

I continued walking around the house to get my steps up.

Tomorrow is a gym day hopefully and I might need 2 to 3 gym days to burn all the calories that I ate today lol 😂

That's all for me today guys and I hope you all had a blessed Sunday 😁✌️
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Jollibee bee happy!

Ana jud na basta palanga ang anak, paborito man niya pahapit daw jabi hahah

paliti pud ko jabeee fafa fink!

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