Introducing the Traffic Insider Community and Token Airdrop Opportunity!

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Introducing the Traffic Insider Community where we discuss all things related to building your online business, getting traffic to your websites, blogs, videos, podcast and, of course, affiliate links on the Hive blockchain.

We will not just go over theory, but what actually works. You will hear from people who not only have done it themselves but are continuing to do it everyday. We will not just parrot things we have heard others say.

As an extra Reward for the first 10 people who create and contribute useful content based upon the guidelines above, we will Airdrop up to 1,000 Traffic Insider Tokens (TIX) and 10 Traffic Insider Miners (TIXM). This will allow them to "Power Up" Traffic Insider quickly by staking their new rewards, thereby earning more rewards faster through curation, staking and mining.

For the next 90 people who create and contribute useful content we will Airdrop up to 500 Traffic Insider Tokens (TIX) and 10 Traffic Insider Miners (TIXM) so they can also power up Traffic Insider quickly.

For the first 100 non-author curators who post comments on Author post, we will Airdrop up to 100 Traffic Insider Tokens (TIX) to allow them also to power up their Traffic Insider accounts.

The amount of TIX that is Airdropped will be based upon the quality of the content and comments. In other words, someone who comments "Nice" will not receive as much as someone who actually adds to the discussion.

There is a 7 day payout period for all rewards earned as an Author or Curator.

So, "stake out" your position in the Traffic Insider Community early on and get started today!

You can also buy and sell Traffic Insider Tokens (TIX) and Miners (TIXM) on Hive-Engine.


2 questions:

  • do you have an actual Hive community?
  • are you part of CTPtalk? link on you profile not working.

Yes, we have a Hive community. I believe we may have been the first to be fully Hive with the community and functioning token on the new Hive-Engine. We are not part of the ownership of CTPTalk but do contribute content and hold a significant amount of CTP tokens and miners.

I like this idea and teh website looks good!

lol exode ashtar command hive game :D

Hi, it's nice to see another tribe with a niche that's promising. :)

I blog in HIVE using Engrave, which I point to my own domain. If I want to appear my entry on this tribe, can you please give me the required tags. Thank you.

#trafficinsider is all that you need for tags

Thank you. I have posted something about TI. I hope it passes your standard for the Airdrop


a community about traffic sounds like a great idea.
Not all traffic is the same, not all niches are the same, and
people tend to treat them all the same.
Interaction & conversation would be helpful for all.
Add a token= win, win